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- For every taste and culinary preferences-

Europa restaurant

Monday - Sunday

Open during:

Reservations by phone: +48 74 865 67 09

The art of cooking

Located in a quiet place next to the promenade, among trees. It is an ideal place to relax with a cup of aromatic coffee. The convenient location of the restaurant and cozy restaurant makes it an ideal place for occasional parties and a romantic dinner.

Tasty and pleasant

In our restaurant we will be happy to prepare delicious dishes according to your wishes. Our specialty are:

  • always fresh and tasty soups
  • dumplings in different types of fillings
  • European sticks
  • spinach pyramid
  • Hungarian cake

The room has space for 60 people. Reservations by phone: +48 74 865 67 09

Try and enjoy food according to your taste

EUROPA Restaurant

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